Cherokees did not live in Tee Pees.

Cherokees lived in log cabins and before that in wattle and daub huts . Walls were made of saplings woven together then plastered with mud.

Cherokee Indian Chief | Old Cherokee Indian Chief Standing Deer Photo | eBay

Old cherokee indian chief standing deer b&w photo

Difference Between Cherokee Indians & Other Indian Tribes

Citizens of the Cherokee Nation dressed in traditional clothing. From left, Noel Grayson, Daimian Beaver, Olivia Beaver, Colleen Jumper Daugherty and Gabrial Beaver. (Photo courtesy of the Cherokee Nation /National Museum of the American Indian)

Maude Sixkiller - Cherokee - 1886

Maude Sixkiller - Cherokee - 1886 This is an example of how the Government forced ALL Native Americans to attend "white" schools and dress in "white" clothes.