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Baby + Pug = Adorable

Pugs seem to have a great time with kids. Pugs are very friendly and it is natural to see Pugs and kids playing together. These pictures just seem to convey love, companionship, attention and [.

Mags looked just like this when she was puppy. Miss those days.

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So adorable!

I want a dog (and a baby) like this. So sweet. {A dog with a new born baby--A new baby is born 2 weeks ago. This dog has decided that she is his and stays as close as he can to her at all times.

<p>* ¡El perro es el mejor amigo del mundo entero!</p>  <p>Messy y Audi son vecinos. Messy, un labrador amarillo, vive con su dueña,

Lonely dog escapes his yard — all because he wants a hug from his friend