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Achieve Best of Volume and Velocity in Big Data with Lambda Architecture

It’s the world of Big Data and Business Intelligence today and tomorrow. Organizations are leaning heavily towards adapting Big Data … Continue reading "Lambda Architecture – Attain best of Volume + Velocity in Big Data"

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’ http://bigdata.kompetency.com/big-data/big-data-value-for-small-and-medium-businesses/

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Big Hadhoop Moves -- Hortonworks has raised $100 million to continue to innovate Enterprise Hadoop and drive the expansion of its ecosystem. Cloudera Raises $160M for International Expansion. And, Continuuity introduces Loom! Loom increases Developer and DevOps productivity, drastically reducing the time between development and test cycles, and enabling true self-service DevOps within the enterprise. A significant step forward for Big Data App Developers and IT Administrators.

Hadoop sits at the center of big data. So does the news around the ecosystem, there’s a lot of it. And no time to digress …Hortonworks Gets Big Bucks, Stays True to Apache Hadoop Roots Ho

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25 Big Data Terms You Must Know To Impress Your Date (Or whoever you want to) - Data Science Central


The Big Data movement is transforming long-established data warehouse architectures into multifaceted analytical ecosystems, in which the time dimension has.

'Big Data' Means Business Needs Mathematicians

'Big Data' Means Business Needs Mathematicians

Career infographic & Advice 'Big Data' Means Business Needs Mathematicians. Image Description 'Big Data' Means Business Needs Mathematicians

Lambda architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lambda architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Importancia y uso del Big Data: #Infografía en inglés. Nombre original Big Data: Keeping the Wheels of Business Turning

Tech Infographics - Big Data Infographic Big Data - Keeping The Wheels Of Business Turning.

This infographic shows the levels of big data maturity from infancy to data and analytics as a service. What's your organization's level of big data maturity?