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Fairy Garden stump

Create a fairy garden from an old stump. We are about to have our old oak tree taken down and I am hoping it will be the perfect spot for a fairy garden.

40 Magical DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

40 Magical DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

DIY Fairy Gardens - Page 157 of 1272 - A mini fairy garden with all the fixings….a dining table with a pitcher, cups and a plate of cookies.

12 DIY fairy garden ideas and kits 4 - Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

12 DIY fairy garden ideas and kits 4

Fairy Home in old stump.  Love the flat roof/slate top!

Making a Fairy Home From an Old Stump

A Fairy Home from an old stump: A little more added on, the door is temporary until I find or make a round hobbit door. It's a campfire and a bar above the bench. I have a hole where a slide will go to ride into the lake I will create on the next bend.

My very own Fairy Garden!!:

40 Magical DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

Flowers and Weeds: Enough Snow Already!

Fairy house in summer - good idea for empty spot in garden. Would like to add this to a butterfly, hummingbird garden.

DIY Fairy Houses (good ideas and examples here!)A good project for the Ladies of The Glen to do????

each class could have their own "garden in a container" - making fairy gardens. This looks like so much fun to do. A great project with kids and using "imagination"!

Я хочу рассказать о Fairy Garden, или садах для фей. Это целое направление в дизайне садовых участков, представляющее собой единение природы и сказки, созданное руками человека. При создании таких садов используют преимущественно живые растения, оформляя вокруг них антураж волшебных сюжетов. Эти сюжеты способны разворачиваться на любых поверхностях садовой территории: цветочные кашпо, садовые емкости, посуда, клумбы, и даже стволы деревьев.

After long summer days, full of barbecue parties and garden enjoyment, we're mostly indoors and look for hobbies that we can keep ourselves busy at home.