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The sleeve

Long Curly Hairstyles - Nneya Richards Curly Hairstyle

An easy fabric hair wrap - divide a section of hair into three, knot the strip of fabric to the top of one of the strands, then braid and finish with a clear hair tie. ---- with thinner fabric for people with short hair!

hair wraps, maybe for dreads....nice & pretty for any hair, mainly long, I could make these!

i'm gettin real effin good at heady hair wraps Hrubec Schmeltzer Jaffe so you just get ready for from phishy hair wrap fun in AC :)

Everyone stops to stare at the girl with the tattoos on www.everdreamtattoos.com

How I want to taste the delicacy of your gardens. and wander deeper through every path of your delicious soul. until all I know is the intoxication of your name.

No'la's hair is strewn with beaded braids and is normally pulled back with a leather hair wrap.

╰☆╮Boho chic bohemian boho style hippy hippie chic bohème vibe gypsy fashion indie folk the 70s . ╰☆╮

Clip-In Feather Extensions

boho hairstyles for long hair

60+ Hairstyles For Long Hair Loving Womens

Just dont JUMP... Feathers do not make humans fly; no matter how many you add! LOL.

I like the feather extension thing, but I've heard the process of getting the feathers is kinda cruel.