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"Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat has nine lives."

"Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat has nine lives" Clara Oswin Oswald.

Clara Oswald. This might be why I don't like her that much. But this is cool.

Clara Oswin Oswald is a combination of all the Doctors Companions.

Don't tell him that you've been here. The Doctor thinks we closed the hospital. I died laughing!

I can't tell you how hard this made me laugh...and then it made me really sad

I know this probably isn't going to happen. But it would just be so fantastic if it did! I am most definitely an emotionally compromised teenage girl ;

Grumpy cat and the Daleks

Grumpy Cat + Doctor Who = A Dalek/Cyberman/Weeping Angel. Plot Twist: Grumpy Cat is the new Davros.

I feel bad for the doctor.. So many people DIED. :(

A Doctor Who poem A SAD Doctor Who poem. << a very sad poem

One amazing thing about British Actors is they will do anything. TV, movies the stage. US Actors are so boring and don't expand some times. This is a great example People who are in both Harry Potter and Doctor Who.. My head will explode now from the awsome.

Updated Harry Potter/Doctor Who actors. (harry potter,doctor who) - Needs Barty Crouch Sr./ Creator of the Cybermen

If she was a Time Lord, that would explain her many appearances in different time periods and her amazing intelligence.

And she can fly the TARDIS<<< and that thing with the rose in her hair in the first episode, and her being the Doctor's granddaughter would mean she is a timelord so would know her language!

She was you

Clara Oswin Oswald: The Impossible Girl. She was born to save The Doctor. "Run you clever boy, and remember me!"(see thats the thing, everyone says its run you clever boy, and remember.