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Sculpting a Life: An Oregon Cob Cottage

Article on Ianto & Linda: Crafting a home and garden out of mud, an Oregon couple live a sustainable lifestyle in a cob cottage.


Funny pictures about Beautiful River Rock Fireplace. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful River Rock Fireplace. Also, Beautiful River Rock Fireplace photos.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Living Abundantly on 10% | Transition US

I used to make mud pies.but a mud house! "The Year of Mud" - it's a book about building a cobb house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Homes Houses

entrance  i love the bottle walls. i have to do this.

glass bottle wall, when i build my tiny house, I want a wall like this

sigi koko architecture

OK, so there's some weird shapes, but the semi-lotus shaped stained glass window in the back gives me ideas.

Oooh! Make rain gutter/paths from roof to ground.

Bringing the outside in, this aqueduct system feeds water to plants in this make shift greenhouse-like area.

Secret passage way out to the yard!

M: 11 secret doorways. Fort, secret passages, root cellar, so many ideas.

This masonry heater is designed into the center of a home and works as a normal fireplace until a damper is closed and the hot gases are forced through channels in the stone masonry which absorb and store the heat inside the building. The heater also serves as an oven, heats water and is a spiral staircase to the second floor.

A masonry heating stove that serves as a fireplace, space heater, oven, water heater and spiral stair case - all at once!

House Tour: Marcella's Miracle Cob House

House Tour: Marcella's Miracle Cob House

awesome #fireplace

Cabin Weekend and Fireplaces

A wall-size mosaic of small, smooth river rock surrounds a round fireplace. I love the idea of a round fireplace.

Cob Homes 108

Cob Homes 108

I think this is a front garden? Sculpting a Life: An Oregon Cob Cottage (Ianto and Linda Evans)