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Percy Jackson

I can’t be the only one who after reading HOH wanted some more of that glimpse of a dark!Percy we had. I want some AU where Percy goes berserk and creates sea storms all over the place.


Percy Jackson credit to brunagonda

Lol poor hazel frank and percy

poor Percy, Hazel, and Frank :( but they did have fun! and I just LOVE those books

The big 3

The Big Three Boys.I prefer Thalia as one of them but Jason can be the boy version.Little Big 3 = Percy, Nico and Thalia.

minuiko: AU where Bianca di Angelo survives and Nico miraculously lives to old age and somehow everything is still tragic as hell

Lets be honest if Bianca lived Nico would be the little kid he was but it would hurt Bianca more in this way

Why would anyone hate Percy

It doesn't even have to be Percy Jackson. I'm like that for all my fandoms.<<<<Whoever says they hate Percy Jackson they must've watched the movies instead

But Leo gets carsick easily...

nowhere-little-girl: “ Demigods on a road trip ” oooh I love this!

Percy controlling the poison.

taratjah: “ ‘Stop …’ Annabeth pleaded, her voice hoarse. He wanted to choke this goddess. He wanted to watch her drown in her own poison. He wanted to see just how much misery.


percy annabeth grover nico thalia tyson rachel (top to bottom) comment on who the last guy is

PERCABETH thru the years

Annabeth and Percy growing up. but number former is incorrect because Annabeth would be invisible if she had her hat on.