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Women and cats will do as they please, men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

"Women and Cats will do as they please. AND Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea!" (LOVE IT!), One of my favorite Robert Heinlein quotes.

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Funny pictures about Taking Exercise Seriously. Oh, and cool pics about Taking Exercise Seriously. Also, Taking Exercise Seriously photos.

I love cats too much

I love cats and I want a cat that can be a cat, ya'know. Just a cat that be all like a cat. And then I want three more cats so then I can have four cats that say meow.

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Funny cat pictures: the nap attacked. Funny Animal Pictures posted every day ! Funny Animal site brings daily updates of funny dogs and cats, pics and videos.

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Sphynx cats Scamsters: Is Cheating Cat Lovers By Selling Them Shaved Kittens

Funny pictures about You have no fur. Oh, and cool pics about You have no fur. Also, You have no fur.

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Respect your cat, and you'll have peace in the kindgom. We came up with three simple ways to show your cat respect and have the purrfect relationship.

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"Let's go to bed. I'm tired of this day & ready for a new one." Sometimes this feeling overtakes my mind & body before I even get out of bed. I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day & hope for a better one.

Funny Cats in a Box

Funny pictures about If we fit. Oh, and cool pics about If we fit. Also, If we fit.