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We have the Doctor. No matter how many memes I see of this scene, I just can’t get enough. This is one of my favorites, though. Close second is the Loki fangirls he has in his army :P

We have the Doctor. No matter how many memes I see of this scene, I just can’t get enough. Close second is the Loki fangirls he has in his army :P

One image is all that is needed, really. Note:  I love 9 and Rose.  I ship them almost as much as 10 and Rose.

19 TV Shows Summed Up In One Picture because honestly that’s it, that’s the show. so I hate that you think this summs up Doctor Who. Rose Tyler is NOT helpless-none of the companions are

Doctor Who: 10th doctor

Weeell, "correctamundo" is a hell of a whole lot better than "who da man"

Doctor Who vs. Star Wars

The Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/Shazam Clusterf*ck Explained

Doctor Who vs Darth Vader by *Drombyb on deviantART star wars sw dw crossover eleventh doctor sonic screwdriver vs lightsaber

Doctor Who Knock Knock Joke - Matt Smith and David Tennant having fun on the set of the Anniversary of Doctor Who via

Stormageddon - i speak baby (of course you do)

This would be too funny, Stormageddon as Sherlock!<--Hate to bring a truth bomb, but Alfie is the oldest child, and Mycroft is older than Sherlock. So maybe Alfie is Mycroft.

Oh, Ten. You were lovely. Kind and pure to the core. The end of time really was a harsh ending but you died FOR someone- and that is very you. Allonz-y, Ten. Your song has ended but your story will never end.<<not my caption, but yes wholeheartedly

Nothing describes the feeling at the end of a season quite as perfectly as a sad David Tennant in the rain. A sad Tennant in the rain is exactly how i feel now that Netflix doesn't have Doctor Who anymore

Take me to your leader. I love how they lighten scenes with these sort of silly things about the Doctor.

Doctor Who 24/7 on

Well this is the first time ten has said it nine said it in episode four--and the fourth doctor

Doctor Who | Red Nose Day | Comic Relief

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in a brilliant sketch. "I'm not Doctor Who. I'm your English teacher!

Doctor Who and HP MAKES MY LIFE!!!! But where to put you? (if you said that in your head like the sorting hat you are one epic person ;) )

People who were in both Dr. Who and Harry Potter // KYAAAA! I did NOT know that Madame Hooch played Cassandra!

This made me so happy! <3

If you're a Whovian, you need to watch this video. If you're not a Whovian, you need to see this video and realize what you're missing

Like Mother Like Daughter!

Like mother like daughter. Melody Pond aka River Song is so like her mother Amy Pond. I think there's a little dad ( Rory Williams) in her too.

"Wait... The character is introduced in a chapter called parting of the ways? HIRE ME I WANT TO    MAKE THE FANGIRLS SCREAM!!!" David Tenant said and the part was his.

"Awful things happen to wizards who meddle with time." ~ Doctor Who & Harry Potter!