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Panic at the disco valentine

someone send me this for valentine's day 😂😂

Lol okay

"Girls are kinda cute, girls are kinda hot, girls are kinda nice, except for when they're not" - Beebo Urie patd p!atd panic at the disco

Panic! Valentine's

At The Disco Valentine

only true fans get this

This is gospel

brendon urie panic at the disco valentines day card>>>I would die if somebody gave this to me!

I know this isn't TØP but it's P!atd

The average vocal range is octaves. Brendon Urie's vocal range is 1 note short of 5 octaves which is fucking insane. patd panic at the disco p!

Well that's nice

fun fact i printed this out and bought chocolate so i could give it all to my friend on valentine's day but then she was out of town and i didn't see her and now it's all sitting on my desk upstairs even though it's march now bye

Cuando estas tan pedo esas cosas pasan jajaja

at the valentines day

These two girls at Busch gardens complemented my fall out boy shirt today

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco <<< Lol dafqu am i laughing so hard for?

valentines' day cards in general are awesome lmao

Emo valentines' day cards in general are awesome lmao

[ You're Beautiful ]✧.                                              Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

The leader of this country meeting Obama


"Hey Randy, sorry to bother you but could you lend me a shirt?" How one awkward moment in the school shower room led to more awkward moments between Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. A Ryden AU fanfiction Amazing cover by soundthealarm

Ummm... Close

Ummm... Close

Haha yes!

petesguyliner: “Brendon Urie valentines ” patd p!atd panic at the disco

This Is Gospel~ Panic ! At The Disco

This Is Gospel~ Panic ! At The Disco<<finaly writen write