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Ferrets in turtlenecks! Why do I find this so funny??

Funny pictures about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Oh, and cool pics about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Also, Ferrets wearing turtlenecks photos.


Dresses for the four little girl ferrets!

pbbbthhhh - Imgur


Flora Fauna Dinner: Ewok: A Horsehoe Bat/Baby Panda Ferret Show this to Zakkie

Marshall Ferret Costume Jacket Shirt Toy Bumble Bee | eBay

Marshall Ferret Costume Jacket Shirt Toy - Bumble Bee

MY FERRET DID THIS & she would scare my guests by trying to bite them on their booty! I thought it was hilarious!

Be on the watch for da couch shark, dares be carpet sharks too!

The white one is adorable :)

My cute baby ferrets. Dean and Kuma. Bath time!

Hehe, look Kira, it's Rupert! He's yelling at Chanel for stealing his water! Lol! It does look kinda like him.

Ferret yawns = the cutest kind of yawns. Is it even a ferret? I thought this was an adorable little kitten of some sort.

9 week old female Ferret Kit.

9 week old female Ferret Kit = "Wedding" present for Damion "Yes, one of the few animals Dami actually likes are ferrets, and she's adorable.