ich arbeite ... an mir ... für mich ... selber

9 Inspirational Instagrams to Keep You on Track

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Some of the most beautiful achievements are not the ones you earned by accident,but by working your ass the most when you did not want to. Isn't that the truth! Work hard, achieve your goals, no matter how hard it is!

don't give up

Inspirational picture quote - Don't give up just because of what someone said - use that as motivation to push harder

A in Psychology with an emphasis in children, and my teaching certificate from as for the type of person, I never knew what I'd be like

Het is vandaag misschien geen maandag, maar óók op een donderdag kun je starten met gezonde voornemens. #womenshealthnl #healthylifestyle

Motivation for everything in life, the earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results. Motivational quote for studying, working out, basically everything

Self - care is part of your process, part of your recovery. It is the first step to loving yourself. Learn to love yourself in the healthiest way and then you can learn how to love others in the same regard.


A Little Weight-Loss Advice to Yield Huge Results This was for weight loss, but honestly it applies to anything hard. So for those out there like me, working toward their first full marathon: write that shit down!