Cheer quote

The trust between the flyer and her bases. Bases are important when it comes to stunting. Their would be no flyer with base(s). They are their to lift her up and catch her when needed. Thank your bases.

cheerleading is so much more.

You lead people to CHEER for OTHER people. No one really pays attention to you, only at half-time. The only thing you want to prove is how popular you are.

Sweet im an iPhone cause I'm a flyer lol yea I'm good looking lol jk but don't drop us!!

★ Flyers Are Like iPhones. They're Good Looking, They Do Cool Things, & When You Drop Them, You Have A Mini Heart Attack & Hope They Aren't Broken ★

Oh so cute statement bow!

Hello Bow

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Oh so cute statement bow!

Sprinkles are for Winners cheer bow by DistinctlyDragonfly on Etsy

Sprinkles are for Winners glitter cheer bow Show everyone you are amazing with this Winners bow. I mean do you really need an excuse to show the world how great sprinkles are.