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It's all a bit jazzy and in-yer-face for my taste but I love the fact that it's ribbon embroidery and made of flowers.

Japanese Embroidery: Shizuka Kusano Japanese Embroidery Exhibition

All photos in this post were taken by me, designs copyright of Shizuka Kusano Well, we went to Edinburgh to see the exhibition and we had .

Sample page of a traditional Japanese pattern from the Kimono Pattern Design Book Series (Nagajyuban)

red, a Japanese pattern from the book "Traditional Japanese Patterns (Nagajyuban)" in the Kimono Pattern Book series. Available from Gomineko Books

Threads Across the Web: Wot no Japanese Embroidery

Design, © Japanese Embroidery Centre Flat silk flowers and petals over cotton padding. Line of held thread calyx and branches. Higaki pattern in twisted gold thread over flat silk foundation.

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