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One Direction Imagines harry's liam's and niall's face!!!!!

Surprise hehe Harry: Baby your here! Me: Hehe hello sweetie *hugs him* Harry: *hugs me back* I missed u! *spins me around* Me: Ah haha hazz Niall: My gbff is here Liam: Gbff? Niall: Girl best friend forever Me: Haha and it's my bbff

you know you're a directioner when...

OMG when my cousin was over I was bored so I watched videos and then one came up of Harry crying and I decided to watch it and I literally was hysterically crying no joke!

My response to this: Roses are red The Hulk is green Id totally smash you If you know what i mean....

My response to this: Roses are red The Hulk is green Id totally smash you If you know what i mean. <<<<< oh my gosh this! You are now officially my idol!

I was reading this and I thought "ok, that's smart. haha" but then I came down to "the bed intruder" and just about died

so funny ;wow harrys not to bright on this board jk jk jk dont hurt me! directioners im one too lml

This never happens, mainly because when people ask if you're ok, they don't really want to know, it's just a token question.

I don't actually want to be left alone. I want you to comfort me and ask me what you can do. I want to be coddled. I want my tears wiped from my face. I want a hug. I want to be told that it will all be okay tomorrow. I want to be told…

This was in Columbus! (I think?) I literally screamed when they came to Ohio bc it's really such a boring state... Other then some signers who perform at the Q

“The Nationwide Arena made 'Columbus Blue Jackets' hockey jerseys for all the boys!

Then he could come to my school and get the guys in my class strait!!!

ooo kill em This why I love Harold because this so true hahaha this and he doesn't like to run game on a woman because it's not a game hahahaha.That objectifies women, really though thank God for Harold styles!

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Your one direction fight

You know I'm going to sing this. Except for I love the Wanted and Jo Bros. Not a Bieber fan.