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Just two bunnies kissing. Interesting fact: a baby rabbit is actually called a kitten.

Cutest bunny ever! Baby dwarf Blanc de Hotot bunny in a tea cup! I want to raise some Blanc de Hotot meat rabbits. Might be fun to get some dwarfs for pet bunnies for the girls though! They are pretty darn precious!

So sweet

"On a factory farm, cow’s milk is not intended for baby cows – it’s intended for humans. Therefore, baby calves are not allowed to nurse. They are taken from their mothers as soon as two hours after birth"

Baby fox golfing onto mom's tail

Baby fox hanging onto Mom. I would have a fox as a pet too. And then I'd let it go.

I don't approve of dressing animals in clothes. So uncomfortable! But oh my, this bunny is addorable

15 Absolutely Adorable Animals In Costumes

The rabbit is So cute but shouldnt have dressed the poor thing up thats what its fur is for in my opinion anyway sorry if you dont agree xx