Simple but beautiful and a lot of fun!

The One string wonder is packed up and ready to be sent out today. Pictures of the one string bass with midi.

Resultado de imagen para aniline dye guitar

gearandstuff: “My buddy Eli just finished building the SICKEST Warmoth Jazzmaster ”

guitar out of a cigar box? really?

Build an Inexpensive Cigar Box Guitar at Home

The 7 modes of the major scale in the key of A

Luca Sirianni plays a diversity of music from pop and rock to jazz, he is also inspired by Brazilian/latin jazz and blues genres, and many of his compositions exhibit these influences.

Handcrafted electric slide guitar by DaShtick. by DASHTICKguitars

Handcrafted Electric Slide Guitar By Dashtick Aul Boy Celtic Diddley Bow Cbg, New Other Guitars For Sale in Sligo, Sligo, Ireland for euros on Adverts.

Twin Neck

Finally found a use for those daft whammy bars you get with strats - angled bridges! Its grounded through the middle post.

frettedchordophones: DeMars Guitars - The Long Trail Bass Lardys Chordophone of the day - a year ago ---

DeMars Guitars, The Long Trail Bass - I think the bass clef is a bit cheesy, but it's a nice looking bass.

It appears to say Danelectro on the headstock but this doesn't quite look like any Danelectro production model I've seen.

1959 Vintage Danelectro 4011 Guitar ~Hand Vibrato (note the soft V headstock and chrome emblem) Awesome Photo! (This is mega-cool!