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sakura is the most scary to naruto!

Lol - The only thing Naruto fears is Sakura!…I really hate Sakura

haha thought it was cute at first but then there's kakashi-

Zero to hero. Useless to badass. Avenger to protector. Kakashi to. They're all awesome and have surpassed their predecessors and that's all that matters. Now the new generation is gonna surpass them.

the scratch can get a mutant infection gosh stop being sarcastic

Sakura Was Worthless In The Naruto Series, But In Shippuuden She Changed

Yeyyy turtles....

My favorite Akatsuki member is tobi.he says he likes turtles

damn so true

When you realize that Kakashi showed more emotions in one eye than Sasuke's whole face, funny, text, Hatake Kakashi;

Collection of some of my favorite comics - Imgur

Collection of some of my favorite comics

Naruto Shippuuden "Sai wasn't drawing Ino he was drawing the trash can, she should of ask What he's drawing of !