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This one seriously has everything built in!

Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform - article has a few ideas for things other than storage as well

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If You're Thinking Of Converting a Van Into a Tiny Living Space on Wheels, Have A Look At These Great Storage Drawers And Sleeping Platform.

Now THIS is a truck bed conversion!  A bed, a place for our cooler and some shelves.  Basically roll in, do your thing, and you are ready for sleep whenever! #camping #truck #outdoors

The great thing about a trailer is that whether you have enough time to choose simply the best, you'll get the luxury equaling what you'd see in a hotel, short of room support

Camper Conversion Isuzu Trooper bed and storage. How to convert an SUV into a camper.

Camper Conversion Isuzu Trooper bed and storage: this is how we converted our SUV into a camper in case it is helpful to anyone else out there! We decided to go w/ a super simple build since we have little to no construction experience or power tools haha

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Have the sides fold in towards center in case you need to get to the stuff in front of the wheel wells

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Truck bed sleeping platform made from PVC pipe. I could do this for camping bins for easier access.


Road Trip Prepping.

A walkthrough of my sleeping platform I built in the back of my car.

Filtration system for a truck camper located in the bed of the truck, http://www.truckcampermagazine.com/off-road-expeditions/custom-hallmark-to-explore-south-america

Andres Schiele and Astrid Rosas ordered a custom Hallmark Guanella truck camper sight unseen for off-road and off-the-grid exploration of South America.