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Take a holistic approach to beekeeping to encourage bee health and harvest better-quality honey.

4 Ways to Keep Bees More Naturally Take a holistic approach to beekeeping to encourage bee health and harvest better-quality honey.

This site has a vast amount of information for beginning beekeeping.  {on first page, click on 'home' to get to the articles}

Beginning beekeeping {lots of good info}

Different hive types and plans (pretty please Sam build list)

Building Bee Hives - good info on sizes, entrances, top bar dimensions

open feeding honey bees

honey bee feeders, open feeding sugar syrup in fall.

Beekeeping quickstart.

A Quick Guide to Starting a Beehive

A Quick Guide to Starting a Beehive : TreeHugger

Beneficial Bumblebee House

One of nature's most valuable pollinators, bumblebees need a warm, dry place to overwinter. This house is a cozy shelter with smart features for the bees.

Bee Hives - Beginner Questions here's a question--I wonder what would happen if we (well, if you...) squirted it with a hose??

7 Beginning Beekeeping Important Questions

Important beginners beekeeping questions

My dad was a beekeeper and he would shake a swarm like this in a bushel basket with their queen and transport them to the super

What a swarm of honey bees looks like. If you find a swarm call a local beekeeper. They can usually capture it without harming the bees.

luring a bee swarm to a new hive

a very happy beehive

How to split a bee hive.

How to split a bee hive. (very good video about splitting and how to checkerboard hives ~ many more beekeeping videos available here also)

Applegarth Farm: Bee Keeping

Applegarth Farm: Bee Keeping ~ is not for the faint of heart!

Welcome to living Green & Frugally. We aim to provide all your natural and frugal needs with lots of great tips and advice, How To Set Up Your First Beehive

I wish I knew more about beekeeping when i was a bit younger i would of loved to have had my own beehive. There are so many positives to keeping bees; it obvi

A complete (and easy to understand) course on how to raise bees for honey.

The Survivalist’s Guide to Raising Honey Bees

Honey Beekeeping - online how to

The Rural Economist: Beekeeping on a Small Homestead

The Rural Economist & Bringing Rural Back Podcast: Beekeeping on a Small Homestead

▶ Honey Bees Robbing A Hive - YouTube

The hive in this video was getting robbed for a week or two as you can see all the honey comb cappings on the landing board. The robbers bees tear open the h.

8 Steps for Successful Hive Inspections - via Better Hens and Gardens

8 Honey Bee Hive Inspection Tips

Describes eight hive inspection tips for making honey bee hive inspections successful - especially for beginning beekeepers.