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Girls Checking Out Men

Girls checking out men vs. Men checking out girls. This is pretty accurate.

Basic Differences Between Men Women-accurate

Funny pictures about Drinking: men vs. Oh, and cool pics about Drinking: men vs. Also, Drinking: men vs.

Girl power

She's right,it's so true! Other - Sep 2011 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

When boys and girls talk what do they mean. SO true!

Funny pictures about This Is Pretty Accurate If You Ask Me. Oh, and cool pics about This Is Pretty Accurate If You Ask Me. Also, This Is Pretty Accurate If You Ask Me photos.

When you think your period is over and then “SURPRISE!!!!”. Exactly

25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

Taking your shirt off....boys versus girls

PART 83 (Whoo one of my favorite shows is coming back soon!)

ohmygosh the guys description of girls is like the funniest thing ever "unwrapping a present"


Dear Shaving Commercials Stop shaving hairless legs, If you want to impress us, please shave a gorilla, 21 Shaving Struggles All Girls Know To Be True