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this perfectly describes me

Excerpt Of Myself on

This perfectly describes me. In all my years: since I was nobody touched my heart and soul like you did. I pray daily that you would see through my lies to the love that still burns in my heart for you, and forever will.


H Sin: The only downfall of having a good heart is that you're constantly looking for angels inside of demons. And they wonder why the good knows so much pain.

The best things in life don't come free

In the last 27 years if I have learned one thing and believed it without question or fear. You will never have regrets if you fight for what you want. If you think you'll want it in 10 years FIGHT. I'm looking for the next 80 years.

But I let fear win and I fucking hate myself for it... I really do..

“Don’t let the fear of actually getting the love you talk about be the reason you sabotage relationships and connections. Don’t pick people who will never…”

FINALLY! SHIT! FINALLYYY!  A quote that shows how most of the people in my life have treated me; a second choice; a background. "I'll go to her when it's convenient or when i need her because meh, i know she'll be there"  And that is where i fucked up, those people are out of my life now

a second choice; "I'll go to her when it's convenient or when i need her because meh, i know she'll be there"

This right here.......truth!

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Beau Taplin | A Significant Commitment

don't like the masks people wear so that they can pretend to be someone they're not.


you know what turns me on? show me you care. that you really want me. i'm tired of doubting whether people are coming or going.

You're so beautiful he says. You're smart, you're amazing. Isn't it sad that the women who hear these things on the regular are often the loneliest. Constantly told how amazing they are yet treated as if they're not good enough... -r. h. Sin

And where the fuck does that get us? Then We Are Too good, which makes them think we will always have better options. Creates insecurity, and they want someone they feel equal to. Without ever giving us a chance.


Can't change people quotes live worry about yourself you change for good quotes