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Hetalia Translations. » England x America x You. Sexual Saturday/Sunday <<< If this happened to me I'd probably die, but at least I'd die happy

England x America x You. Sexual Saturday/Sunday - Unfortunately, this artist took this series off their pixiv account. I compiled what I could from britons.

Day 28- Character you want to personified as a dog. It's Britain AKA Arthur Kirkland. I wanna see how Britain look when he's a dog. Them eyebrows tho!!! ^^

I'm sorry for England on this day (July and I'm sorry my country is a dick bag (and was) to you *raises cup of Twinings Earl Grey Tea* To England for Braving the Battle and Staying Strong, Cheers! or Sherlock?

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Alfred, slow down you're going to choke. And clean off your face, you look a mess!  Geez, must I do EVERYTHING for you? *leans over and dabs his cheek with a cloth napkin*

I, am just gonna consider this AmeIta, since there isn't enough of that pairing.Feli would totes make an awesome helping of pasta for his Alfred.

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Hetalia ~ Canada, France, America and England <<< Oh gosh. They all look like different incarnations of Link!