These rare images, drawn to accompany an early collection of Poe's darker short stories, hearken back to a golden age of commercial illustration.

The Beautiful Illustrations That Made Poe’s Stories Terrifying In 1919

Art of Narrative: Harry Clarke: The Year's At The Spring: Illustrations & Page Decorations

The Year's at the Spring ~ 1920 ~ Harry Clarke The Fiddler of Dooney "When we come at the end of time, to Peter sitting in state"

Harry Clarke, 1889 ~ 1931, The Fairy Tales of Anderson & Perault

Harry Clarke, illustration for “Bluebeard", from The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, 1922 (source).

"Yet these are rotten, so you're the Queen of all are living, or have been" Illustration by Harry Clarke from 'Queens' by J.M. Synge

"Bert the Bigfoot, Sung by Villon" Illustration by Harry Clarke from 'Queens' by J. Synge Wall Art & Canvas Prints by Harry Clarke