Brown Husky

My father owned and raised 15 at a time when I was young. Sled wonder what ever happened to

German Shepherd Husky Mix | Dakota the Husky / Shepherd Mix | Dogs | Daily Puppy

The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a dog that has a ton of energy and is loyal at the same time. Here are some pictures of the German Shepherd Husky Mix Breed.

best pictures and images ideas about giant alaskan malamute dogs - dogs that look like wolves

(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

When dakota is fully/deeped brush she looks just like this but with one brown eye!

Colors of Siberian Huskies

A friend for Ella

Siberian Husky - Outgoing and Cheeky

5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds of all times, Samoyed is the most expensive dog breed. Why is my taste soooo expensive?

Siberian Husky - I Love Huskies.  They are so pretty!!!

I dream to have a dog like this . A girl . Named lady.because I used to have a siberian husky girl named Lady when I was a kid.