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It's just like this song, uhm, it was "Run" by AWOLNATION, I think, hahahh..

On this day humanity received a grim reminder not to call Levi short.

more like shingeki no levi

vita: levi will kill y'all for this song, but hange will just be unfazed and cackles on the floor while moblit looks on in horror

Levi be picking favorites up in here | Ereri/Riren | SnK/AoT

Ereri, is eren okay, levi cares about all his soldiers equally

Example A of Tumblr taking that legitimate question that I have and twisting it around to fit their sarcastic agendas... -___- *SIGH* Hehe!

I don't think you guys get it, if Jean died we wouldn't have the "Horse-face" joke

Black Butler X Hetalia X OHSHC X Attack on Titan X Free!

anime summaries in one sentence>>> oh my gods, this is so bloody accurate though *dying*

Grisha can just stay gone. Forever and ever. Terrible dude.<< YOU JUST FUCKING INJECT HIM A FUCKING TITAN THING AND YOU THINK ITS U ?!??!

I love the idea that Eren sees Levi as a father figure. I'm not hating on the ship but Eren's 15 and Levi is 35 yeah.

*aot flashbacks* yup, some hardcore advise right there

*aot flashbacks* yup, some hardcore advise right there<<<<< ajaa he's so eviill

Erwin's eyebrows. They are sponges.

Erwins though! Just imagine in like a sponge! Before it can get any further than his eyebrows it gets soaked up! And then Levi just like ):T. <-- Imagine if Erwin's eyebrows got bigger though.