A vintage Valentine's Day themed Heinz Ketchup Advert from the 1940's. The logo/packing for Heinz Ketchup has maintained a similar design over the years.

Vintage Heinz Ketchup Ad ~ Anyone who would ruin a steak with ketchup should be shot.


Love the causal sweater set and pleated skirt ensemble this busy girl is wearing in this Kroger "Spotlight" coffee ad.

vintage country cooking 1948 advertisement by FrenchFrouFrou, $12.95

Sniders Catsup - I've never heard of this brand.maybe the spelling of "cats"up led people to believe it was made by or of cats.

1926 Campbell's Vegetable Soup ad.

1926 Campbell Vegetable Soup Can Vintage Home Kitchen Wall Décor Print Ad


Campbells Soup for Lunch.we used to walk home from school for PB sandwiches with chicken noodle soup every day at noon. It was always canned soup & a variety of sandwiches.

Chronically Vintage: I scream, you scream, we all scream for vintage ice cream!

1959 ad for Kraft ice cream toppings