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The worst of it is that transformers are from Japan.

You Will Laugh Hard At The Miss Universe Costume Category - Miss USA = Transformer.

10 Wedding Memes! #3 Romantic Wedding Photo: Original Creativity.

Showing up in your friends wedding. Wedding memes: Attending the weeding, eat food, hate everyone.

How to confuse normal people

47 Funny Memes To Get You Laughing

This made me feel better. I'm 33 but people always ask me what college do I go to?

Funny pictures about Majestic Christmas Lights. Oh, and cool pics about Majestic Christmas Lights. Also, Majestic Christmas Lights photos.

44 Pictures That Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Holidays, Holiday Ideas, Vacations, Holidays Events, Vacation

Kid's units of measurement

Funny pictures about Cooking With Your Children. Oh, and cool pics about Cooking With Your Children. Also, Cooking With Your Children photos.

Justin Timberlake doing things. He is just so complex.

Funny pictures about Justin Timberlake doing things. Oh, and cool pics about Justin Timberlake doing things. Also, Justin Timberlake doing things.

Pinning this for the very last post. My soulmate has shitty taste in music because the worst songs get stuck in my head more often than good ones.:

Tumblr Stuff #23

I don't like the rest of this, but the Vulcan Christmas carol is awesome!

"OMG, this is so me." —A cat, reading this post

21 Cats That Are The Epitome Of Cat

" —A cat, reading this post and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat appare


this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek

10 Celebrity Memes ! #2 Anne Hathaway Holding A Knife And Laughing.