bead embroidered shibori  | Shades of gray make up "Whispers in the Moonlight". While there are ...

Shibori ribbon - This bead embroidery cuff I have named "Whispers in the Moonlight". It's mostly monochromatic, but when you see the rivolis up close, you see that they softly sparkle in a multitude of shades.

Ожерелья с лентами сибори Serena Di Mercione

"Perla" Necklace (detail) by Serena Di Mercione - Pearl, swarovski, shibori silk

Earrings by Serena Di Mercione --- bead embroidery, shibori silk, Swarovski, and brass filigree topper

Earrings by Serena Di Mercione --- beadembroidery, shibori silk, swarovski