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Anime is way better than real life!!!! (And that's why I'll forever be single..... Lol XD)

I can't lie, all those anime-guys are famous because of their sexyness. *Silently goes to Anime/Manga corner and watches anime*

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I am pretty sure I could spend all my money in Japan. in a manga store. in a cosplay store. I mean, are you fucking kidding me, why does it only exist in Japan tho?

Anime Haters Gonna Pay

Anime Haters Gonna Pay hahahaha i sure that justin bieber song 😂😂😂

That's true XD

The top two are VOCALOID guys! (They're also my 2 favorite with Kaito being :D) Not anime guys. Only the bottom guy is an anime guy (the perverted camera kid from Baka and test).

Oh my goodness, yes. Almost all of the anime schools have rooftops like that, and a bunch of crazy stuff always manages to happen there.

Oh my goodness, yes. Almost all of the anime schools have rooftops like that! I want a school roof top like that!

Feels when not watching anime...

this is an unknown feeling to me. theres too much anime and not enough time for…

If he was licking it so fast, why is it still that big

Something I learnt today

Asians being Asians.  Wow!

Funny pictures about Dedicated clothing store employee. Oh, and cool pics about Dedicated clothing store employee. Also, Dedicated clothing store employee photos.

But this is so freaking accurate

more like when your mom is out and she phones to say that she is close to home and your never started cleaning up the house

PV: Beautiful Days

I wish this could happen to me but I've lost all my trust in people and don't think I'll be able to open up to someone. I don't want to keep being hurt so badly