Elvis at Graceland.

When Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in the music gates were not a part of the property. Designed for Elvis by Abe Saucer and custom by John Dillars, Jr., of Memphis Doors, Inc., the custom music gates were delivered and installed on April

Elvis' - Great-Great Grandparents Were William Mannsell + Morning Dove White. Morning Dove Was Full Blood Cherokee Indian. That Would Make Elvis About 1/16 Cherokee.

*ELVIS', was Cherokeeas his great grandmother Mourning Dove was full Cherokee. : great-great grandparents were William Mannsell + Morning Dove White. Morning Dove was full blood Cherokee Indian. That would make Elvis about Cherokee.

Elvis Presley greets fans at the gates of his Graceland mansion .

Elvis Presley archivists have found three rare photos dating back more than 50 years that show the young singer greeting fans at the gates of Graceland.

Elvis in front of Graceland leaning on car

Elvis Presley's Car Collection Included A Black Standard Salon Silver Cloud II Rolls Royce, Which In Was Valued At Eighteen Thousand Dollars. ~Via Lori Northcott

Who was bling before bling was the thing? That's right, The King.

Elvis Presley during a press conference after his first performance at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. August Love this pic!