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Legit only pinned because of Shieth

Hunk is so underappreciated in this fandom

From dorkyfandomlord's tumblr. GIVE ME THEM THEORIES I LUV THEM

Also if you're going on that line of thought on that graph each element aka paladin has a line going from them to another paladin that they are closer with (Lance with Keith and Hunk, Shiro with Pidge and Kieth, etc)

Suspicious af Lance wtf

Suspicious af Lance wtf What holy shit. Cat or bird eye focal vision right?

Um i see him more as a brother type not . that type

And people are still telling me that Klance isn’t real

And people are still telling me that Klance isn’t real<<< it's really not, they're more of brothers than lovers

Voltron: Legendary Defender

VLD fanart -Voltron: Legendary Defender 'the Do's and Don'ts of Child-rearing'

Some soft keithers>>> LIKE MASH POTATE IM CRYING

Some soft keithers<<omg I love Keith so much it's so unhealthy oh please help my soul<< are we all ignoring the mashed potato/keith comparison

Okay but this is so true. Keith and Lance would be at each other with pillows and pidge would just join them and hunk would hide and shiro would just stand around and supervise

Shiro had definitely blocked one with his arm. Without looking, without flinching. And just silently sips his tea and nudges them back into the battle

Princess Allura and her mice