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horse in costume as a carousel horse

Check out customer photos of Sleezy Barb Horsewear horse costumes and ideas for costumes for horses.

When people say their horse "can snap his knees to his eyeballs" they usually only *wish* their horse did this.  Wowie!

Cockney II & Beezie Madden-----That put a whole new meaning to knees to their eyeballs!

Aside from the fact that this is a terrifying prospect (been there, almost got squished), this is funny.

Equestrian: Jumping (if you can call it that.) ~ it looks like her horse refused one too many times and now she's just tossing him over

This just strikes me as ridiculously hilarious

Colbert Dressage Nation: Origins of Dressage. I just wanna dance! - He's so funny.


I've been a competitive athlete since I was Riding is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's also the most fun and the most rewarding. So true !


11 reasons to be thankful for George Morris "the grumpy cat of the equestrian world" hilarious! I have GOT to see this guy give a clinic

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braideez braiding tutorial horse show week Maybe I can pick up some tips on keeping braids even in height. I can get them even in size, but can never get the perfect, neat height that makes such a beautiful appearance.

So true it's not funny.

Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy Horses, Which Is Pretty Much The Same Thing ♞ Western Antiqued Wooden Sign

Equine coat colors by SheWolff - Bing Images. Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs. Red Roan?), but a good image nonetheless

Equine Coat Color Chart ~ Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs.), but good reference nonetheless.