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This is My Relationship Status.

Watching a horror movie and thinking "No. Don't kill him, he's CUTE!"

All the time!) (except I don't really watch "horror" movies. just creepy movies :D)

sometimes there'll be an awkward moment, and i'll just say ''awkward...'' (with emphasis but i can't type emphasis'')

teenager post - Bing Images<<< I think the doctor can relate

teenager post | TEENAGER POST | We Heart It

Me: *Asks for pencil* Friend: Here u go. Me: *Keeps pencil forever*

i never thought of it .... wait im doing it right now

well i nvr rly noticed it until SOMEONE (hint hint nudge nudge wink wink) mentioned it~ thx a lot teenager who posted this

How old is your baby?

I hate when people do this cause then you have to do the math when the person could have just said it's three! Plus it's just really annoying. It's like, just admit it, your kid is a toddler, it's not a baby anymore!

At least it worked. 7 months later and he's still mine.

It has worked so far.

& yet I never learn

every night cuddling with hubby

This usually happens to girls (never throw something at a girl they will drop it)

Hand-eye coordination skills = 0 so true


If I had a dollar for every time I had no idea what was going on.

So true. Arbys never gives you the toy it always makes me mad. Not so much McDonald's since you get the baby fry, that is so cute it looks like a toy but only fits 10 fries.

I have done this like 30,000 times you'd think I'd know by know

Especially hot coffee !


TEENAGER POST ok seriously this is why I love life. One direction(duh)


Teenager Post - I hate school bathrooms.I hate public bathrooms.I hate any bathroom that isn't my own


Complete disgrace, these books without a proper story. Shame befall them!

Cleaning My Room:  10% Cleaning.  30% Complaining.  60% Playing with the stuff I've found!

My kids' cleaning methods.-->Cleaning My Room: Cleaning. Playing with the stuff I've found!