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Amos Chapple photographs the coldest place in the world inhabited by people

Chernobyl power plant.

Inside the abandoned city of Pripyat, 30 years after Chernobyl – in pictures

È IN RUSSIA IL VILLAGGIO PIU FREDDO AL MONDO ... quasi 70 sotto zero !!!

OYMYAKON, RUSSIA Officially the coldest city in the world, this Russian outpost will see a low of degrees tomorrow night!


18 spellbinding pictures of the coldest city on Earth. Photographer Amos Chapple wanted to fill in a blank spot on the map, and in doing so found a spectacular frozen world.

kaeltester ort winter denkmal kaelte

Kältester Ort der Erde - nur für Abenteuerurlauber mit Hang zum Extremen

This communist-era monument marks the record-breaking temperature of recorded in the village in The monument reads "Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold.

Ледяная дорога

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Блог - 22 фотографии путешествия в Оймякон — самую холодную деревню на Земле

Yakutsk, Russia is the world's coldest city: average winter temperatures hit degrees. It's also the largest city built on permafrost.

Lago Baikal en Rusia

25 Lugares de la tierra que parecen sacados de otros planetas

This is the northernmost city, and its winter is terrible. -55 degrees Celsius, and 2 months of total darkness. What brand could do something great for the people that live there?

Inside the world's northernmost city where temperatures hit -55°C

Elena Chernyshova One of the coldest cities in the world, Norilsk has an average yearly temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit, with winter .

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Oymyakon na Sibéria, Rússia

Deep in the Siberian tundra, the village of Oymyakon is widely considered to be the coldest inhabited place on Earth with an average winter temperature of

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Photo of the Day: A young passerby rescuing stranger's Shih Tzu who was hurled into the rough water by strong wind

the colours? plus the fact that cars need to be kept running or in heated garage if not they cant work

Photographer Travels From Yakutsk To Oymyakon, The Coldest Village On Earth