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The One With the Brand New Joey

Friends The One With All the Thanksgivings phoebe and joey

Ross and Rachel got married!! Las Vegas, baby.

Ross and Rachel got married and Monica and Chandler almost did…

ross,chandler,and joey

You dont always see a pilgrim a cowboy and an indian hanging out together! Joey Ross and Chandler can make that happen!

"Did you break up with her?" "No, we're still together."

Monica: "Did you break up with her?" Chandler: "No, we're still together.


No thanks, Josephine. Hey Ross, I was wondering if. Oh, my God! Where are all the men?


Hahaha the typical guy?

Joey, Rachel and Ross

Joey, Rachel and Ross glad this never progressed i wasn't fine with it either love Ross and Rachel and that it was never off the table :-)

Joey is probably the most important character on friends. In this scene he tries out his typical "move" to try and make his new roommate interested in him AND IT SO DOESNT WORK! (Not to mention she is drop dead gorg). Anyways, Joey typically gets any girl he wants...except for this instant...even though they do end up together temporarily ;)

" These is my favorite "how you doin?" scene from the whole series!

Courteney Cox & Lisa Kundrow (In FRIENDS) By: sam

Friday night ~ Monica, Phoebe ~ Friends Quotes ~ Season Episode 3 - The One with Phoebe’s Cookies

"They don't know that we know they know we know...Joey, you can't say anything!  I couldn't even if I wanted to!"

Best quote from Friends ever. I laugh every time I read this!

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On sexism in the realest sense. | 33 Hilarious "Friends" Quotes That Will Always Be There For You

33 Hilarious "Friends" Quotes That Will Always Be There For You

33 Hilarious "Friends" Quotes That Will Always Be There For You: On sexism in the realest sense.

I would love to be rich

Because everyone knows that rich people eat gold and have flying ponies.


Joey: What's wrong, buddy? Ross: Someone at work ate my sandwich. Chandler: What did the police say? Friends TV show quotes This Friends tv show quote is so funny. I can't stop laughing.

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☼☽ pinterest: fkadoll ☼☽

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