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Aaaawwwh :D I can so imagine this.as we all know it was Nico who send Bob to help Percy in Tartarus.the feels.<----- what about the fact that Nico knows both how to contact a Titan and is friends with a Titan?

Pink 2

My art percy jackson jason grace Leo Valdez Nico di Angelo Frank Zhang im so done with this minaelli<<<< I think Nico or Jason would look better. But Percy looks amazing!

Percy crying

Slight Mark of Athena spoilers! I finished it T____T Tumbla [link] Anyway I just wanted to hug Percy at this part lol, I thought he was ador. Percy is not feeling the love

hahaha... sweetness.

Fangirls of Percy, Leo, and Nico: Is This True For Everyone?<<<< Could we please sacrifice Octavian instead?

They tied the knot XD

I like how Hazels just like 'Hey Nico!' and Nicos like 'Hazel, Hazel theres a string on my head. Hazel, help me.

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Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And we'll never be Romans.<<<all that I could think was that annabeths eyes are grey, not brown.