Well, you could say… csi miami ;)

Well, you could say…

Can you guess the disney villain by just the hands? #handmodels #disneyquiz #thepixieplanner thepixieplanner.com

Can You Name These Disney Villains By Just Looking At Their Hands?

Can You Guess The Disney Villain By Their Hands? I got Test your knowledge of Disney villains. They all make generally the same hand motion XD

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Re post on most popular board Disney Throw-Back channel! Let's make this happen! I'd watch tv with out complaints again:D

I love the Disney version of hunchback of notre dame. Clopin has to be my favorite character next to Esmeralda. This cracked me up. <-- I had the biggest crush on him when I was little!

Carpet wins the Oscar for Best Actor.

the magic carpet from the movie aladdin has more facial expressions than actress kristen stewart (bella) from movie twilight

the little mermaid funny burn picture

I'm not quite sure why this is so funny to me right now. I mean I love Little Mermaid like whoa and Kelso is my favorite but I should NOT be laughing this hard.

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes #humorous

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes

17 Lion King Jokes Only True Disney Fans will Understand. "Simba you're falling behind I must ask you to Mufasa (move faster)"

Lol I love him!

Funny pictures about That's why I love Mark Wahlberg…. Oh, and cool pics about That's why I love Mark Wahlberg…. Also, That's why I love Mark Wahlberg… photos.