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Size comparison of a man and a wolf.

Wolf standing next to man frightens me of their height!


Wolves are Very Spiritual Animals, that Love their Families infinitely. There Souls are misunderstood by many, when in truth their compassion to love is far greater than Humans. They are demonized as dangerous, when they are not.

No es lo que parece...

Gray Wolves, Show of Dominance Among Pack, Montana

Wildlife Wolf, Gray wolves play dominance game by Daniel Fox

Wolves care and take care of each other in their pack which is like a huge family that takes care of each other.

This is a picture of two wolves, part of the packs at the Polar Zoo in Norway. At the Polar Zoo, you can hang out with wolves or polar foxes who have been socialized. THEY GIVES KISSES. Where is my passport?


Makes me think of the book series Wolves of the Beyond, these wolves are paw-fast!