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pon & zi - Plague - can you get the plague from loving someone too much

Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi

No need of a maze <3

No need of a maze

The Pon Collection

Pon&Zi - Practice & Perfection by Jeff Thomas

The official home of Pon and Zi, a cute webcomic about love, created by Jeff Thomas


Pon and Zi - 62 Shadow


Yes because we all puke hearts into the sky.oh wait you don't?

Jester Pon by =azuzephre on deviantART

Emo times, call for emo pics. If you guys haven’t heard, the emo Pon and Zi cartoons. drawn fantastically by Jeff Thomas. Pon – the yellow male. Zi – the blue female.

"Hold my heart its beating for you anyway"

And mine is beating for you Zi

Sometimes I'll actually hug my pillow or something until I can hug her <3

"We need four hugs a day for survival.We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.We need twelve hugs a day for growth." The importance of hugs!=D ENFP TRUTH

Pon & Zi - Randomness526

Wallpaper and background photos of Cute Emo Picture for fans of Emo images.

Pon and Zi Love Quotes | 52 'Pon And Zi' Ubber Cute Comics

Pon and Zi Love Quotes

14 Sun | Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi; Wake up, love! The sun came to see you!

Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi

I'm a pro at pretending to be a ninja

Pon and Zi/Azuzephre cartoons Photo: random

pon and zi cartoon by Jeff Thomas #funny

pon and zi cartoon by Jeff Thomas