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Oh look, I knew it would happen to me someday.

"Wait, so I'm supposed to." "Assign punishments to the damned and keep us demons in check. I'm not very good at telling people what to do? Like can you please stop crowding me before I start crying.

> Nouvel article publié dans la rubrique "SOCIETE/SCOLARITE" sur www.enfant.net - Harcèlement à l’école. Roux, bon élève, couleur de peau particulière, gros, garçon efféminé, garçon manqué, pauvre, handicapé … être différent à l’école est souvent source de harcèlement. Aujourd’hui, 10 % des élèves en sont victimes. L’utilisation des réseaux sociaux décuple ce phénomène. Le documentaire de Sophie Merle et Emma Rota, « Harcèlement, violence : quand l’école n’arrive plus à protéger nos enfants…

Low-income schools with high minority student populations tend to opt for severe punishments over medical or psychological interventions when dealing with

You look just like your father except for your eyes = Del ---- The reverse is for Lucis

1/2; his hands are shaking but he cleches them shut, steadies himself, meets her gaze. Familiar eyes, stricken with pain until they clear. They are not so familiar now, dead to her in a way she's never seen. It is almost as if he is looking through her rather than directly at her, and it hurts. "2/2" and with that he opens his hands. A torrent of energy spills out and all goes gray.

" The man who was barely more than a boy swallowed, his molten eyes begging." --Coryn<---O.