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I love that line! Billie Piper as Rose from the TV Show "Dr. Who".

The Doctor’s First & Last Words

First and Last Words Of The Doctors. Eleven's last lines: "I won't forget one line of this, I swear. I will never forget when The Doctor was me." Twelves first: "Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the colour!

I just finished rewatching Journey's End like 5 minutes ago and I was sobbing I physically feel the Doctor in pain and it was hurting me so much MY POOR DOCTOR

Why is the TARDIS blue? There's a sad man inside with both his hearts torn in two. And now I go cry.

Doctor Who. Because where else can you put Queen Nefertiti, a big game hunter from 1902 (played by Lestrade), and Mr. Weasley on a spaceship with dinosaurs on it, and then cry because a triceratops who played fetch with golf balls was killed by Filch?

No need to flirt- I will seduce you with my awkwardness

Soo accurate and soo me, I think I've even made that exact facial expression. I'm literally snorting I'm so much fangirling right now

"Wait... The character is introduced in a chapter called parting of the ways? HIRE ME I WANT TO    MAKE THE FANGIRLS SCREAM!!!" David Tenant said and the part was his.

"Awful things happen to wizards who meddle with time." ~ Doctor Who & Harry Potter!

Things we don't like. I see what you did there, Moffat. Via Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle

Doctor Who where we put things we dont like in the cupboard . "Rory Take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there" XD

when whovians collide

When Whovians Collide

I solemnly swear that if I ever a Doctor Who symbol, phrase, or mark somewhere, I'll answer the call rather like that "random Whovian" did :) -I Love Fandoms

Hahaha summon the nerds. I would totally go running into the classroom. I would so do that.

Doctor Who moment…

Hahaha summon the nerds. I would totally go running into the classroom. ((If I become a teacher, I am going to show my students Doctor who every Friday. HEhehe, we will summon all the whovians))

Not sure where this goes

Always asking the logical questions <--One of the reasons I loved Rory; he always responded to stuff like real people would.<<< Rory would survive Supernatural.

Circular Galifreyan

12 Doctors, 12 hours on a clock. Tick-Tock goes the clock.<<<<STOP <<< Tick-Tock goes the clock . Even for The Doctor

It still breaks my heart even though I know what happened later...

Totally me. Also totally me at the end of Torchwood season

Doctor who and Disney princesses, thought you might appreciate this ;) @Michaela Snyder @Olivia Snyder

Doctor Who companions + Disney princesses. I LOVE THIS! My favorite princess (Sleeping Beauty) is my fav companion (Rose) :)< oh my god at donna