Not in TMR fandom but I laughed.

Image about the maze runner in Jaja  so funny  by ♥️Cass♥️

Image about the maze runner in Jaja so funny by ♥️Cass♥️

Oh My Fucking god He is always a cute and little sexy boy

Minewt love always lurks around the corner. Request me anything to do with Minewt texts. I also make fanfics on and Wattpad.

Definitely magic! >>>>> Thomas Brodie-Sangster the man who ages backwards :-)

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster the guy who ages backwards << do you mean Benjamin Button?


I love you Minho.

Kinda tells you something when four of the characters are from Hunger Games...

Authors only want love if it's torture. Add Tonks and Remus! And Dumbledore and Snape! And Newt and Chuck! And Boromir!

Minho The Maze Runner

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love and hate all these new back to school posts

Hair and water seem very easy to mess up in 3D animation because you have to get them to move naturally and look the right texture.

Animating hair is serious business

Life in a nutshell...

Life in a nutshell

I loved the yetis in this movie even more than I loved Jack Frost!


Omygoodness haha The maze runner newt funny

Classic Memes (2015)

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Pinning this I realize I should probably make a board devoted to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, but then I just.. 'eh' and put it here.

Thomas Brodie-sangster- he's also in wolf hall on masterpiece.<< I love Nanny McPhee and The Maze Runner

the maze runner

the maze runner

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Maze Runner: The Death Cure cast

Maze Runner: The Death Cure cast