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Thomas: yes she is Newt: *looks over and catches Rebeccas eyes* oh she is Rebecca: *looks away and blushes and begins a conversation with Aris* Newt: she is really cute Thomas: yes she is

This is so sad :,(

x QOTD: What are your favourite TV shows? x AOTD: Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Sherlock Holmes ☺❤ x

I do this all of the time when my friends are having a bad day

I couldn't decide between when I walked in on Frypan taking a Klunk or when I accidentally kissed Gally instead of Newt. So I chose when I accidentally fell in cow Klunk!

Too bad this isn't true T_T

Too bad this isn't true T_T>>>> if you will just excuse me a minuet as my heart is shattering to s million pieces and an excruciating pain erupts across my body>>> man the spelling mistakes