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Love that old theatre seat! Inside an Interior Stylist's Eclectic Modern Townhouse via

Tackle your own Mount Shoeverest and try implementing an entry way storage solution that fits your needs.

The Stylish Shoe Storage Solutions Your Messy Foyer Needs

Interior designers at Homepolish create a beautiful, artisanal home in California using creative touches, textures, and delicate colors. See inside a beautiful Homepolish project from California on domino.

Don’t: Go for an All-Mirror Arrangement No one needs to look at themselves that much. This trend is tired.  Do: Limit the Variety of Frame Styles You Use Restrain your arrangement to two styles, colors, or materials when selecting your frames. Otherwise it starts to look too messy and you begin to focus on the frames instead of what’s in them.

The Dos and Don'ts of Crafting a Beautiful Gallery Wall

"The 'Wilbur Shrine' was Gregory's idea," Roth says. Originally, Copeland had used part of a wall next to Wilbur's crate to display a few portraits, along with the dog's diploma from obedience school. "But, he wanted the bathroom to be really over the top — and be a conversation piece. The idea was somewhat inspired by those rooms you'd see a stalker have in a movie with floor to ceiling clippings of the object of his/her obsession."

An Eclectic Home Makeover Inspired by a Dog

Modern Comforts in a Converted Brooklyn Church - "The bathroom is the ABSOLUTE coolest space ever! I wish I could say that was me but it was all Gregory and his crazy passion for his pooch!

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This Fashion Gallery-wall art Bundle is every fashionista's wet dream. It includes six fashion printable wall art and fashion posters.

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Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Chiara Compagno Une fête et des cadres – Buk & Nola gallery wall, wall art, art prints, dining room, decor

Reminds me a bit of Smokehouse Deli