19th Century Swagger  19th century dandy, a fashionable man who dressed well.  (source: http://ift.tt/1sfOKLn)

This picture shows a man in a dandy, which was ultra fashionable of the time. He is also carrying a cane, wearing boots, and also wearing a top hat.

God my home and my dog, I'm good to go!

Iain McKell - The photo series by photographer Iain McKell called ‘Book The New Gypsies’ captures modern day travelling nomads. Iain McKell joined a .

Red Catherine Johns. Well known Romani Gypsy Woman who lives in Australia. Her book: A Resilient Spirit. A Romany Encounter Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtRJ_-Z6Nic

Red Catherine Johns - well known Romani Gypsy Woman who lives in Australia. Her book - A Resilient Spirit: A Romany Encounter

Vintage Gypsy Postcard Image - Stunning! - The Graphics Fairy

Vintage Gypsy Postcard Image - Stunning

Here we have a Stunning Vintage Gypsy Postcard Image! The picture shows a lovely Woman in a Gypsy Style Costume.

Edwardian Gypsy Fortune Teller

vintage everyday: 26 Lovely Photos of Young Girls as Fortune Tellers from the Late to Early Centuries