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Hephaestus Class - Repair corvette Length - 140 m. A repair vessel specialized in emergency repairs on the frontline. Weak shield, almost no hull armor. No weaponry. The ship uses a powerfull, but .

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I Schnauzer Armoured Walker Grenzjäger (Border Patrol, Green)

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ArtStation - Rover 23, Eugene Sergienko

Title: Rover 23 Name: filiuspatris Machine for scientists exploring a new planets.

"Nomad" Transport/Freighter/Light Cruiser - [MISC] [EPhalanx]

"Nomad" Transport/Freighter/Light Cruiser - [MISC] [EPhalanx]

Homeworld 2 Concept Art

Designs of ships that were never used in Homeworld 2 See Also Gallery of Motherships concept arts

ArtStation - Evolve Dropship "Laurie Anne", Jason Hasenauer

Evolve Dropship "Laurie Anne", Jason Hasenauer on ArtStation at…

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