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aw, my poor baby :( Draco needs someone to love him. He's so misunderstood. But lol Blaise and Harry being naughty.

the marauders - sirius and regulus<<< Regulus running at Sirius and strangling him the minute James and Lily stop doing so as soon as he hits the afterlife,

the marauders - sirius and regulus>>>>>> "nice to finally talk with you face to face Sirius. *slaps his head* you blithering idiot you never listen. *hugs desperately* ive missed you little brother"<<<Aww


Can I have a fanfic of Harry raised by McGonagall please? I always thought she or Hagrid should have raised Harry!

I'm a hufflepuff...

A Gryffindor would DIE for you. A Slytherin would KILL for you. A Ravenclaw would help you hide the DEAD BODY. A Hufflepuff is the helpful civillian who is secretly the MASS MURDERER that no one suspects until they’re the only one left standing


Maybe he liked lupin the most but he wasn't the only real teacher harry learned from and respected.

My parents tought I am crazi when I started to laugh and cry on the Flor

I so wish this had happened. Dudley and Harry getting along as adults because Dudley changed so much after the dementor attack. Dudley having a magical child. Dudley turning to Harry for help with it.

Don't ship it but I love this<--- People don't ship Drarry!? Whaaaat!?

I can just imagine Lucius' face during this XD