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I feel like is modelled after the astrological zodiac. Are you a nurturing Woodpecker? Those born between June 21 and July 21 are represented by this Native American Birth Totem. Visit our site to read more!

With this tutorial you will learn how to build a Medicine Wheel in a sacred manner. Purchase at http://transformationalstudies.com/shamanic_apprenticeship/intermediate_tutorials

Ojibwe Indian stone medicine wheel - The Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions - Medicine Ways: Traditional Healers and Healing - Healing Ways - Exhibition - Native Voices

medicine wheel dream catcher combo

medicine wheel dream catcher combo (I don't think this is a tutorial, but it could serve as inspiration for crafters with the know-how.

Goose birth totem                                                                                                                                                      More

Birth Totem: Are you the insightful Goose? Those born from Dec 22 - Jan 19 are represented by this fantastic totem animal. The Goose is a highly ambitious sort, who are very good at reaching their goals.


Sweetgrass : Some say the 3 strands represent Love, Kindness, and Honesty, others say that is only 3 of the seven teachings, the true meaning to the 3 strands is Mind Body And Spirit. Shared from Native Americans

Found this medicine wheel of the animals on the net, thought we should share. Any other animals you would like to add MedicineWheel

The Concept of Animal Medicine This spiritual approach of finding power animals and spirit animals and animal allies all begins with the belief that they have "medicine" to share with us. But this medicine is not the traditional kind that most of.

Constructing a medicine wheel http://www.native-americans-online.com/native-american-medicine-wheel.html http://syzygyastro.hubpages.com/hub/Constructing-a-Medicine-Wheel

Constructing a Medicine Wheel

This map of the Ojibwa medicine wheel has as its inspiration, the cycles of the sun, moon and stars. In this map, many of the important locations have been identified with animals, which have very real significance to the Ojibwa.